Robot Vacuum Cleaner D60+

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2nd Gen Self-emptying Base, Higher Capacity, Less Space Required
3.2L Dust Bag Capacity for 60 Days Worry-free Cleaning
Zig-zag Route Cleaning
Auto Carpet Boost
Powerful Suction 5000Pa
3200mAh Li-ion Battery
Voice Control (Google and Alexa)
No-go zone with magnetic stripe ( 1 meter - included in the package)
Complimentary accessories ( 3 additional dust bag and 1 pair side brushes)

Enjoy 60 Days ofHands-Free Cleaning

Experience hands-free cleaning with the D60+'s innovative self-emptying base and self-dust collection capabilities. The spacious 3.2L dust bag and compact base design enhance space-saving efficiency.


Navigate with Precision using Gyroscope Technology

The D60+ employs gyroscope zig-zag navigation, ensuring intelligent and efficient cleaning with thorough coverage for every nook and cranny.


Powerful 5000PA Suction for Deep Cleaning

Cleaner than Ever

The D60+ is equipped with powerful 5000PA suction, effectively removing dirt and debris for a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Tailor Your Cleaning Intensity with 5 Levels

Choose from 5 cleaning levels, including Quiet Mode at 600PA(52db) and MAX Mode at 5000PA. This allows for personalized cleaning sessions, balancing power and control according to your preferences.


All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base

Auto Hot Air Drying

Say goodbye to mold and odors. Our technology ensures that wet mops are efficiently dried,
maintaining freshness even after prolonged use.


Carpet Boost

Detects the carpet and increased suction power.


Control, Simple As That

App Control

Schedule cleaning, cleaning mode, 5-level suction power etc. Customize your cleaning plan easily on obode life app. And upgrade via OTA.

Voice Control

Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance. Just say a word, robot is ready to work.


Sees In Centimeter-Level

Detection accurate to 1 cm, protecting your furniture and reaching every corner. With multiple groups of advanced sensors, adapts in complex home environment easily.