Robot Vacuum Cleaner S80 Max Ultra

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Multiple Function Auto Cleaning Base
Mop Self-cleaning & Drying
Dustbin Self-emptying, for 50 Days Worry-free Cleaning
LDS Navigation & Mapping
AI Advanced Line Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Spinning Mop for Cleaning Stains
Mop Auto-lifting Avoid Wetting Carpet
Smart Mopping Route for Better Cleaning
Dual 4L High-Capacity Water Tank
Water Tank Auto Refilling
Ultrasonic Carpet recognition
Auto Carpet Boost
Powerful Suction 6000Pa
2.4G+5G Dual-band Wi-Fi
Voice Control (Google and Alexa)

      All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base

      Efficient, hassle-free, and designed for a superior cleaning experience – welcome to thefuture of home cleaning with our All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base.


      All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base

      Mop Self-washing

      Bid farewell to manual mop cleaning. Our smart
      technology handles it for you, ensuring a pristine mop for each use.

      Auto Water Replenishment

      Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning with the system's ability
      to fill the water tank automatically, providing a mopping range of up to 300


      All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base

      Auto Dirty Water Collection

      Simplify maintenance with automatic cleaning of the
      base, keeping it in top-notch condition effortlessly.


      All-in-1 Self-cleaning Base

      Auto Hot Air Drying

      Say goodbye to mold and odors. Our technology ensures that wet mops are efficiently dried,
      maintaining freshness even after prolonged use.


      Efficient Dual Water Tank System

      50 Days Hands-off Cleaning Dust Bin

      Enjoy a hands-off approach to cleaning with a
      generously-sized dust bin, providing up to 50 days of uninterrupted cleaning.


      LDS Navigation for 24/7 Accuracy

      Quick Mapping

      Effortless and hands-free, our system automatically creates a detailed home map,
      streamlining your cleaning routine without the need for manual intervention.

      Multi-level Mapping System

      Seamlessly navigate multiple floors with ease. Save up to 3 maps, covering a maximum area of 400 square meters. Experience intelligent
      cleaning that adapts to your unique living spaces.


      Versatile Vacuum+Mop Functionality

      Experience the convenience of 2-in-1 cleaning with
      powerful 5000Pa suction, effortlessly tackling dirt on various surfaces


      Long-lasting Performance for Extended Cleaning Sessions

      Powered by an extra-large 5200mAh Li-ion
      battery, the S80 MAX ULTRA covers a substantial area of up to 150 ㎡ on a single charge, ensuring your
      home stays clean without interruption.