Smart Kitchen Composter P30

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4.2L High-capacity Bucket
90% Food Waste Reduction
Handle Different Types of Waste
1200ml Large Charcoal Box for Best Odor Reduction
Efficient Serrated 3-blade Design
Removable blade and Charcoal Box for Easy Cleaning
Multiple Work Mode Selection
Quick Mode within 4 Hours
Easy Touch Control
Non-sticky Coating
Dishwasher Safe
48dB Whisper-quiet operation

90% Reduction in Waste

Transform kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich powder, minimizing trash volume and eliminating odors for a cleaner, greener environment.


Effortless Operation with 4.2L Capacity

Enjoy simplicity with one-button operation and a generous 4.2L capacity. The aluminum alloy components ensure easy cleaning for hassle-free maintenance.


Enhanced Blade Reliability for Efficient Grinding

The serrated 3-blade design efficiently crushes large volumes of food waste, providing optimal grinding performance for effective composting.


Efficient Odor Control with Extra-large Charcoal Filter

Say goodbye to garbage odors with the extra-large charcoal filter. Reusable and eco-friendly, it ensures efficient odor control with refillable charcoal pellets.


Flexible Modes Catering to Diverse Needs

Choose between standard and quick modes to cater to diverse composting needs. Adjust the processing mode based on the quantity of food waste, providing flexibility and efficiency.


Self-Cleaning Feature for Easy Maintenance

Add 2L water for autonomous cleaning, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity for continuous, hassle-free composting.


Whisper-Quiet Operation at 48db

Designed for quiet indoor use, the Enboya P30 operates at a whisper-quiet 48db, minimizing
disruption to your surroundings for a peaceful composting experience.